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What piece of the puzzle are you?

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

If you are passionate about language immersion and want to help make this amazing educational journey available to the children in your life, consider becoming an AXIS Founding Family.

The AXIS International Academy Founding Family program will include a small group of early-adopter parents who have both the vision to see what is possible in education, and the eagerness to actually help make that vision a reality.  Your investment in AXIS is an investment in your own child, and multitudes of others who will benefit from  for these all-important early years, and is admirable!  

AXIS Founding Families are a seed community whose children will flower into a healthy, vibrant international network of alumni, fluent in a second language and animated by the passion and energy for impact that cultural diversity makes possible.

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What will I receive as a Founding Family?

🔸Priority enrollment (a jump to the top of our waitlist) for all of your children (preschool through 5th grade)

🔸Invitation to any exclusive Founding Family events

🔸Your family name will be listed in the Founding Family area of our website (optional)

🔸Your family name will be listed on a Founding Family Plaque on school grounds (optional) 

🔸You have the chance to have early input in programmatic decisions, such as preferred electives, after-school programs, and website platforms to facilitate parent communication.

Let's get started!

There are a couple different ways to become a Founding Family. Pick whichever feels best to you! 

Option 1

  • Help us bring in more Intent to Enrolls! Fill out one Intent to Enroll for each of your children + have 2 friends complete intent to enroll forms for their child/ren before September 1st, 2018
    • This is the link to our Intent to Enroll form have your friends mark your name in the “other” box for how they heard about AXIS
    • This information flyer can help spread the word to your friends



Option 2:

  • Volunteer 40 hours of your time (or 20 hours for single-parent households) before August 2019 to help us as we continue to work toward starting AXIS International Academy, Preschool and non-profit. 
    • There are a lot of ways you can volunteer. We’d love to share a quick brainstorm with you to spark ideas:
      • Marketing: flyer distribution, design, social media
      • Fundraising
      • Event Planning & Preparation
      • Grant Writing
      • Real Estate/location
      • Become a Board Member
      • Administrative and IT assistance
      • Assistance with hiring